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The Prophet - Part One by Khalil Gibran

Episode Summary

For almost a century, the profound words of The Prophet have stirred the hearts and moved the souls of millions of readers around the world.

Episode Notes

On January 1st, 2019 one of the most popular books of all time entered the public domain, and I am thrilled to present one of the very first legal US public domain readings of one the world’s most beloved stories, The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran.

The short book which sold about 10 million copies in the US alone demonstrates why so many of the world’s major religions have their roots in the Middle East. In 26 chapters of prose poetry, Gibran shares a wise man’s teachings on various aspects of life.

I hope you enjoy, part one of Khalil Gibran’s The Prophet.

Khalil Gibran was born a Maronite Catholic in Lebanon in 1883. In his twenties, his family emigrated to the United States. Gibran became both an accomplished artist and writer with his best-known work being his 1923 global bestseller, The Prophet. The short book or novella has been translated into more than 100 languages and has never been out of print.

Alcoholism led to Gibran’s premature death in 1931 at age 48. The sequel to The Prophet, The Garden of the Prophet was published posthumously in 1933.