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The Boarded Window by Ambrose Bierce

Episode Summary

What led a man to live an isolated life at his ramshackle cabin, with a boarded up window, in the former American wilderness? What is the tragic story that led him to this doleful existence? Here is his traumatic tale.

Episode Notes

In this episode, I return to a work by one of my favorite 19th-century authors, Ambrose Bierce.

Bierce loved writing stories with a twist at the end and his very short story, The Boarded Window was no exception. Originally published in the San Francisco Examiner in 1891 but he rewrote the story multiple times over the next two decades.

While short, The Boarded Window illustrates the storytelling depth of Ambrose Bierce. Even the title has hidden weight. And the story, while simple on its face, lends itself to a variety of chilling interpretations.