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A Visit from St. Nicholas or 'Twas the Night Before Christmas

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You've heard it a dozen times, so why not one more. Here's a Visit from St. Nicholas, was it penned by Clement Moore?

Episode Notes

One of the most famous Christmas poems “A Visit from St. Nicholas was originally published anonymously in 1823. Fourteen years later, the authorship of the poem was credited to Clement Moore.

This popular poem tells of a father’s encounter with Santa Claus late one Christmas Eve. It is more popularly referred to as "'Twas the night before Christmas."

The has always been a great deal of unsettled controversy over the true authorship of a Visit from St. Nicholas. While Clement Moore has been considered the writer for many decades, the fact that he claimed authorship after so many years felt suspicious. It is said that initially, Moore thought his professorial reputation might be tarnished by such plebeian verse, but as its popularity grew so did his association with the poem.

However, based on stylistic studies, many scholars contend that the holiday verse was penned by Henry Livingston, Jr.

No matter who wrote the words “Twas the Night Before Christmas” it remains a delightful tale.

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