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A Lost Masterpiece by A. A. Milne

Episode Summary

Before he wrote Winnie the Pooh, A. A. Milne was a popular humor writer. Here is one of his adult short-short stories.

Episode Notes

When you hear the name AA Milne you immediately think children’s author. and while Alan Alexander Milne is best known for his crowning creations, a series of books about a stuffed bear named Winnie the Pooh who belonged to a boy named Christopher Robin, Milne was an accomplished author in multiple genres.

AA Milne’s early career was spent as a humor writer for the popular Brith magazine Puck, which is when our short-short story was penned.

In addition to his stories and books, AA Milne was also an accomplished writer of plays and early cinematic screenplays. Frustrated by both the fact that his Pooh books overshadowed his other works and by the unwanted fame bestowed on his young son Christoper, he gave up writing children’s books entirely.