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The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe

Episode Summary

As Halloween approaches, our tales of horror grow more grisly with a classic scary story, The Black Cat by one of America’s greatest devisers of dread, Edgar Allan Poe

Episode Notes

For millennia, cats have been thought to have mystical powers. Perhaps it’s their aloofness or the fact that their extraordinary dexterity makes it appear that they can cheat death with their fabled “nine lives,” that have given cats particularly black ones their demonic reputation in many societies

Whatever the reason for cats characterizations, Poe managed to take the dark powers of felines to a new level with his haunting tale, The Black Cat.

“The Black Cat” was first published in The Saturday Evening Post in August of 1843. It is considered Poe’s darkest tale and was the first in which he alludes to his own battles with the demon of alcoholism, rumored to be one of the causes of his premature death in 1849 at just 40 years old.