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The Whirligig of Life by O. Henry

Episode Summary

A rural mountain couple struggle with their differences, anger, and overpowering love for each other.

Episode Notes

In my constant search for the best story to read each week, the stories of O. Henry keep floating to the top. And just when I think I’ve found the right one, I read another that intrigues me. I also want to try and find tales that might have escaped widespread notice.

The next O. Henry is one many may have missed, but it’s a lighthearted tale about the difficulties and simple pleasures of marriage and seemed perfect for a realistic Valentines Day tale.

One more thing, because of the way this is written, I have been forced to perform the mountain folk accent of the characters rather than merely read their words.
The short life of William Sydney Porter, better known by his pen name O. Henry was a whirligig, he worked in his Uncle’s drug store, as a ranch hand in Texas, at a land office, and then as a bank teller where he found the early access to cash a bit too tempting leading to his indictment for embezzlement and flight from justice to Honduras.

His wife’s fatal illness brought him back to Texas where he was convicted and served 3 years in federal prison. Soon after his release, O. Henry moved to New York where most of his stories, including this one, were penned.