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The Man in the Brown Coat by Sherwood Anderson

Episode Summary

This special short, short story centers on a different kind of haunting, not from without, but from within. The darkness that comes from a profound loneliness that quietly haunts the souls of many.

Episode Notes

You can feel the author, Sherwood Anderson’s depth of emotion in the very short tale about an author and historian who longs to connect with someone outside of his history books. Many of us will catch a glimpse of our own inner selves in “The Man in the Brown Coat by Sherwood Anderson.

Like many authors’ Sherwood Anderson’s life was filled with profound personal trials that helped fuel his writing. He came from a struggling family and floundered financially in his early business life until he found success creating a major early 19th Century paint manufacturer where he eventually suffered from a nervous breakdown that led to his prolific career penning mainly short stories.