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Second Best by D.H. Lawrence

Episode Summary

A new love springs from the conversations of two sisters and a couple of moles.

Episode Notes

Two sisters of disparate ages talk of the elder’s unrequited love interest in a mole infested garden (it’s an important part of the story) and how the senior sister ultimately settles for second best.

"Second Choice" is one of DH Lawrence’s most obscure stories, but it is a wonderful example of poetic prose. Lawrence was vilified in his day and considered by many to be nothing more than a pornographer because of his realistic depiction of human sexuality.

His most famous (and initially infamous) book was 1928’s "Lady Chatterly’s Lover" of which only published in censored form until 1960 when the publisher of unabridged version was tried for violating British obscenity laws. In November of 1960 a jury found them not guilty and the entire book was finally available for anyone to read.